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Friday, December 6, 2013

Donating to nonprofits in times of crisis

"Legitimacy Although rare, there are some people who stage fake fundraising for nonprofits and prey on kind and generous givers. If you are concerned with the legitimacy of an organization, you can confirm the validity of any nonprofit through your local charity bureau. Doing your part will help to make sure that your donations reach the people you want to help. After selecting a charity to support by following the steps above, you should be ready to donate. However, donating money from your bank account is not the only way to support a worthy cause. You can raise funds through a charity bake sale or participate in an online auction such as the eBay Giving Works program which provides online fundraising for nonprofit organizations."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Traditional and unique nonprofit fundraising ideas gain popularity

"According to an article from the Philanthropy Journal, the spirit of charity is truly alive in the U.S., as seen in the results of a study entitled “Key Facts on U.S. Foundations” by the Foundation Center. While many foundations are happy to accept any amount, many people would prefer to donate larger amounts to these institutions but may not have the resources or the know-how to accomplish that goal. As such, here are a few nonprofit fundraising tips for people looking for ways to donate a little more to the charitable institution of their choice: Timeless classics There is a reason bake sales and other traditional fundraisers are used over and over again—they work. Try to add something new to these timeless fundraisers, such as specializing in one product or offer customers “unfinished” cupcakes (no frosting) for them to decorate themselves."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fun runs are great ideas for nonprofit fundraisers

"In recent years, an increasing number of charitable institutions have been moving towards organizing more accessible fundraisers for nonprofits. This shift has allowed a wider range of people to donate to a cause they believe in. One of the more popular fundraising ideas nonprofits have been using have been “fun runs.” A fun run is a themed race where people are encouraged to dress up and walk or run 5k, 10k, and sometimes marathons. In a recent article from The Island Packet, firefighters participated in one such run to raise awareness and funding for the Code 3 for a Cure Foundation. Firefighters Alex Murray, Jed Huth and Kirk Prinsen of the Burton Fire District ran a 5K race dressed in full firefighting gear and handed out cards and informational fliers to spectators along the way. "

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Three nonprofit fundraising ideas for this holiday season

"Thanksgiving is a holiday in which people express gratitude for all the good things they have been blessed with, and surround themselves with family and friends. Thanksgiving is also one of the best times to stage fundraisers for charities, as many people use this time of the season for volunteering their time to charitable causes. If you are looking to help during the season of giving, and you cannot volunteer your time, there are a few fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations that you can hold in your community."

Monday, December 2, 2013

Nonprofit online fundraising campaigns revolutionize charity donating

"Frequent small donations While most people prefer to give larger monetary donations, may people simply cannot afford to do so. Nonprofit online fundraising programs, such as eBay Giving Works, allow donors to give smaller amounts of money whenever you buy or sell on eBay. These donations inevitably add up over the long run, turning into a larger donation over time. As the Internet continues to push the boundaries of how people interact with one another, people can expect to see more creative nonprofit online fundraising campaigns and methods in the coming years."

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Easy charity fundraising ideas to support animal rights nonprofits

"During a two-week investigation in September, undercover investigators visited the stores to see if they were complying with a new state law which requires the stores to post certain information about their puppies on each cage. The law was designed to give customers more information about where the dogs were raised, in an effort to help consumers avoid buying puppies from puppy mills. For most people, dogs and cats are creatures that are loved and cherished as pets. Sadly, there are a number of people that try to make a profit off that mentality, but neglect to consider the well-being of these animals. Fortunately, there are several nonprofit agencies that are designed solely to protect these pets. These nonprofit organizations offer a short list of simple charity fundraising ideas you can do to raise donations for animal rights nonprofits and raise awareness to combat animal cruelty:"

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