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Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple Online Fundraising Ideas

Online fundraising isn’t limited to simply selling items (although it is a great way to raise funds for your preferred nonprofit). The digital plane is a vast world with many opportunities waiting to be discovered. With that in mind, here are a few online fundraising ideas you can try.

Email Solicitations

Email solicitations have been around for as long as most people can remember. In fact, it’s still one of the most effective ways to ask people for donations to your cause. Expand your connections and hone your writing skills, and you’ll soon be raising plenty of money.

Create a YouTube Challenge

Start a YouTube channel and ask your friends to share it on other social media channels. Create a video of yourself explaining your cause and asking people to contribute. Commit to doing something crazy after reaching a certain goal, like shaving your head on camera or submerging yourself in ice water upon raising $1,000. People will be encouraged to donate with the prospect of getting to see you embarrass yourself!

Meme Making Contest

Take a page out of 9GAG’s playbook and stage a meme-making contest. Provide a picture for contestants to use and charge a small entrance fee. Set aside a small fraction of the total donation amount and hand it as a prize to the winner of the contest. Better yet, ask a local business to sponsor prizes so you can give the entire donated amount to charity while giving the winner a unique prize.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tips for Successful Online Charity Fundraisers

Are you organizing an online charity fundraiser? If so, you’ll undoubtedly want it to stand out on the Internet and be a grand success. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your goals.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that you should take advantage of. Start off by using your own social media accounts to promote your fundraiser. Do not limit yourself to simple status updates or tweets.

A great example would be a “DP switch campaign.” Have your team and your supporters change their profile pictures to something that’s related to your cause, e.g. switch to a picture of a favorite cartoon growing up to raise awareness for your anti-child abuse fundraiser. The more creative your idea, the more interest it will generate.

Establish Connections

Connecting with potential donors should be done all the time, not only when it’s time to start fundraising. In fact, allowing some time to let your cause sink in helps potential donors learn more about your cause and gives them time to save up for a sizeable donation. By doing this, you’ll never run out of donors for your cause.

Give Thanks

Never forget to thank your donors for their contribution. Send out a “thank you” email to all your donors once the fundraiser has ended. You should also send them an update on how your campaign is faring. Allowing your donors to see the impact of their donations to the people in need encourages them to donate again in the future.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mission Trip Fundraising—Time to Make It Online

For many non-profit organizations, mission trips are a huge and important aspect, especially religious institutions. Mission trips give members an opportunity to travel to places in need of assistance. However, organizations that embrace the mission trip model often face a difficult challenge: Figuring out how to fund these trips.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Online Auction Ideas for Health-related Nonprofits

A lot of nonprofits involved in health-related causes get considerable support and funding through online auctions. With these practical and creative online auction ideas for health-related nonprofits, you can raise funds and promote awareness of your cause.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Need Some Charity Auction Ideas? Read On

The success of a charity auction rests on effective planning and execution, which are far from simple tasks. For one thing, an auction needs to have a theme to help it stand out from other events and to attract a greater number of participants. Such a feat requires organizers to do their homework. However, they need not look further than their own locale, as current vibes and popular interests can be good sources of charity auction ideas.
For example, if a sizeable number of local residents are baking enthusiasts, then the auction should include baking equipment, baked goods, and the like. If possible, the organizers could also tap a reputable baking company or cake brand to sponsor the auction and help the event garner more attention.
Local holidays can also be sources of inspiration. If the auction coincides with Veterans’ Day, organizers can encourage the families of servicemen and women to participate. This is especially effective if your charity is military-related.

Even the marketing aspect of any charity auction can offer a wellspring of ideas. Organizers can make their event stand out by hosting a live performance or giving participants an opportunity to meet a famous celebrity in person. Online auctions also present a good opportunity to disseminate information about the charity’s advocacy through videos, blogs, and social media.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Need a Good Fundraiser? Host a Charity Auction

Whenever funds need to be raised, charities, churches, schools, and other institutions often employ traditional fundraising events like contests, lotteries, and marathons. However, these events can be costly and time-consuming to organize, especially for smaller organizations and nonprofits. As such, charity auctions may be the better option for these organizations.
Deciding to go with the auction approach definitely has its merit, because charity auctions are simple yet very effective. At the start of the auction, a list of items is distributed to give the participants an idea of what they’re bidding for. Upon being assigned their identifying numbers, the participants can bid on whatever is on the list at any time. Online auctions are essentially the same, except they are conducted through the Internet and attract bidders from all over the world without having everyone together in the same physical place.

This process means that charity auctions usually don’t take up as much time and resources as other fundraising events. What’s more, auctions can maximize the sale price of any item, especially if it is truly valuable, as participants compete with each other via ever-increasing bids. Finally, items sold in a charity auction are usually tax deductible if the purchaser is able to prove that the item’s real value is much less than the purchase price.

Friday, June 6, 2014

EBay Giving Works to Host Liberty Hill Charity Fundraiser in April

Recognizing the value of Liberty Hill’s programs, eBay Giving Works will host a charity fundraiser this coming April to support the group’s projects and endeavors. We will be auctioning a number of valuable items as well as chances to spend time with some of the country’s most sought-after celebrities.

The auction will begin on April 22, with a special dinner and will end on the May 2. As with all of our auctions, we will be posting several items on our website for public bidding. For every item in the Liberty Hill auction that you buy, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit group.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Online Charity Auctions of Signed Lindt GOLDEN BUNNY Set for April

The rabbit, with its basket of colorfully painted eggs, has become an indispensable symbol of Easter. Children welcome it and its promise of a fun Easter egg hunt, chocolate eggs, and other treats. Here at eBay Giving Works, we’re hoping that one very special bunny will be welcomed into the homes of our avid bidders this Easter. Signed porcelain versions of Lindt’s GOLDEN BUNNY will be featured in our upcoming online charity auctions, and will bear something more important than Easter eggs: the promise of help for autistic children.

Over the last four years, the master Swiss chocolatier, Lindt, has partnered with Autism Speaks to help the nonprofit in their mission in the field of autism. Autism Speaks works to further research on the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure of the disorder; increase awareness about it; and advocate for the needs of autistic individuals and their families.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Online Fundraising for Nonprofits Provides the Right Tools for Success

Nonprofit organizations will always require all the help they need in order to get their fundraisers up and going. A little help from the outside can potentially benefit nonprofits, especially if that help comes in the form of a versatile fundraising tool. Programs such as eBay Giving Works provide organizations with the ability to organize Web-based fundraising for nonprofits, which are incredibly flexible to arrange and host.

There are benefits to using online fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Web-based fundraisers have no maximum cap for donors, are easy to access thanks to the Internet, and can attract donors from all parts of the globe. In addition, by collaborating with firms that offer unique tools like eBay, nonprofits can easily manage and oversee their fundraiser.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Online Nonprofit Fundraising Can Secure Mutually Beneficial Support

It is important for nonprofits to be genuine and involved with their donors in order to secure trust. Not a lot of people readily donate to charity, yet an engaging link between potential funders and the nonprofit can make all the difference. Organizations looking to build their trust base and funding should consider hosting an online nonprofit fundraising event with the help of partners such as eBay Giving Works.

Online fundraisers can encourage even more communication on social media between nonprofits and donors. Nonprofits shouldn’t ignore the potential of social media as a tool for expanding their influence, as well as a way to approach donors. By leveraging social media, nonprofit fundraising auctions and other similar activities can be easily shared amongst networks.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Utilizing the Power and Popularity of Online Nonprofit Fundraisers

For fundraisers to be effective, their organizers need to collect as many contributions and donations as possible from both individuals and corporate entities. Securing as many participants as possible, the Internet seems to be the perfect place to attract numerous visitors due to its massive scale. Online nonprofit fundraisers have so much potential, and organizers shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss them as a gimmicky fad.

Online fundraisers for nonprofits like those hosted by the eBay Giving Works program can reduce the inefficiencies or inconveniences associated with regular fundraisers, such as physical and geographical restrictions.

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