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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FB: 3 Ways to Help Nonprofits

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Despite the growing popularity of Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is still considered the king of social media platforms. As such, you’ll want to be sure to utilize Facebook if you plan to launch a social media fundraising campaign.

With its many functions, Facebook opens up many avenues for you to try out when it comes to fundraising. Here are a few ideas you can try on this versatile platform:

Changing for Change”

Have people change their profile pictures to something that helps raise awareness for your cause (e.g. a picture of a cartoon animal). As people donate, you can send them a new cover photo that shows they donated and how others can donate as well.

Sponsor an Artist”

Are you trying to promote a local arts nonprofit? Ask the beneficiaries to submit their best photos or photos of their best artworks and compile them into a Facebook album. You can have people place bids on the artist(s). Winners will then receive an exclusive artwork (not necessarily the one from the photo) from the artist he or she sponsors.

It’s All about Connecting”

Do you know a popular celebrity or athlete? Ask them to help you raise funds for your cause. The celebrity can then ask for donations through their Facebook profile on your behalf and redirect traffic to your fundraising page. You can then reward a lucky donor (through a random selection process) with a dinner with the celebrity.

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eBay's team got to work building a fundraising program that could unleash the widespread generosity of its broad online community.


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