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Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 Health-Related Fundraisers

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Donations to medical and health nonprofits, like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals or Doctors Without Borders USA, help bring relief to those in need, as well as fund research for a cure for difficult diseases. As such, every little bit donated to these causes truly makes a huge difference.

You can do your part to support these efforts by organizing fundraisers that promote good health. Some ideas you can try include:

Healthy Breakfast Fair

Eating healthy is the best way to prevent cardiovascular conditions or diet-related problems, like insulin resistance. With that in mind, what better way to help people make the transition to a healthy diet than by starting with the most important meal of the day?

Host a “Healthy Breakfast Fair” at a local park. You can then have families pay a small entrance fee. They can then choose from a variety of healthy breakfast options, such as wholegrain pancakes and jam made from locally sourced fruits.

Cold Turkey

Heavy smoking and/or drinking substantially increases the risk of contracting a variety of diseases, including cancer and organ damage. Fortunately, people can quit these vices as long as they have enough support, encouragement, and willpower.

Promote healthy choices by asking people to go cold turkey and quit their vices, where people sponsor them for each day they go without their vice. You can also enforce a “penalty” on participants who do not clear past a certain amount of time.

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