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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rally Support for Your Cause

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Every legit fundraiser pretty much supports an actual charitable cause. However, as much as donors want a good cause to succeed, they can only provide so much support. Yet you are more likely to secure people’s support by highlighting the timeliness and relevance of your campaign. Here are a few tactics you can use.

Mind the Awareness Calendar
Every month plays host to a number of cause awareness events. Congress used to delegate which event belongs to a particular month, but only the Senate maintains this practice today. Breast cancer, AIDS, and consumer protection awareness months are put in place by federal proclamations.

You’ll want your fundraising event to coincide with the month that is relevant to your cause. For instance, if your nonprofit supports autism research, see that your campaign takes place sometime in April, which is Autism Awareness Month. Seize the moment by providing more info about your cause and why it is worth supporting. If you time everything right, you should expect donor activity to peak during this time.

Be Transparent

Donors would naturally want to know where the money they parted with ends up going. Charities are required to be registered in their home state and states where they operate. If your nonprofit has a website, use it to publish financial information like audited finances and processed IRS forms.

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eBay's team got to work building a fundraising program that could unleash the widespread generosity of its broad online community.


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