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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Using Online Auction Sites

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In the past, the traditional way for most non-profit organizations to raise funds was to hold a live auction, a concert, or a show. Unless you have loads of sponsors, you can incur a high expense in staging such events. For auctions, you have to solicit items, spend for advertisements, rent a venue, hire an auction host, and provide food. Fortunately, online auction websites do away with these expenses. Here’s how you can use an online auction:

Familiarize yourself with the site’s policy.

The World Wide Web has an abundant list of tools for you to have your online auction, but remember, each one has a different set of policies and guidelines. Before you advertise your upcoming event, be sure to learn about your preferred tool’s policies and guidelines first. This way, you can run things smoothly.

Prepare winning listings.

You may have acquired several items that many people may find interesting, but if you don’t provide attention-grabbing listings for them, you might end up with no bids. Create a title and description that’s clear and complete, and provide high-quality images. Don’t let viewers guess what the items are.

Set a listing duration.

Set a clear deadline on when your listings end. Doing so will create a sense of urgency and encourage people to constantly monitor the biddings. Some online auction websites allow listings for as long as seven days, but expect some of them to charge you fees when you want to extend.

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