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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Need Some Charity Auction Ideas? Read On

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The success of a charity auction rests on effective planning and execution, which are far from simple tasks. For one thing, an auction needs to have a theme to help it stand out from other events and to attract a greater number of participants. Such a feat requires organizers to do their homework. However, they need not look further than their own locale, as current vibes and popular interests can be good sources of charity auction ideas.
For example, if a sizeable number of local residents are baking enthusiasts, then the auction should include baking equipment, baked goods, and the like. If possible, the organizers could also tap a reputable baking company or cake brand to sponsor the auction and help the event garner more attention.
Local holidays can also be sources of inspiration. If the auction coincides with Veterans’ Day, organizers can encourage the families of servicemen and women to participate. This is especially effective if your charity is military-related.

Even the marketing aspect of any charity auction can offer a wellspring of ideas. Organizers can make their event stand out by hosting a live performance or giving participants an opportunity to meet a famous celebrity in person. Online auctions also present a good opportunity to disseminate information about the charity’s advocacy through videos, blogs, and social media.

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