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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Giving is Good for Your Donors

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When campaigning for their fundraising efforts, many fundraisers focus their marketing strategies on showcasing the great benefits going towards the causes they support. However, many forget that while fundraisers do provide a lot for the people at the receiving end of the line, the donors themselves actually benefit greatly, as well. When fundraising, it may be be a good idea to highlight this benefit to donors so that they understand what they are getting in return.
On the immediate, personal level, donating money positively affects people’s psychological and emotional well-being. It makes them feel happy and activates the regions of the brain associated with social connection and trust. This positive feeling is often called the “helper’s high.”
Move a step further from the personal level, and you’ll find that when you help someone, others are also motivated to do the same. This social drive to exercise good will promotes a sense of interdependence and encourages cooperation in the community, which may eventually benefit donors as well in the form of better relations with neighbors.

Along each step of the way, benefits have the potential to trickle back to the donor in some shape or form until the donation finally reaches the end recipient. Even at this point, the donor stands to gain. With charities for the poor, especially, the investment on remedying social ills benefits everyone, the donor included, in the form of better quality of life or a better economy.

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