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Friday, July 18, 2014

Some Ideas for Your Auction

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Do you want your charity auction to be successful? Then keep these tips in mind.
First, you might want to offer in-season items that people are likely to buy at specific times of the year. For example, heaters tend to sell quite well in the months leading up to winter. Meanwhile, Super Bowl tickets are typically in high demand by January or February.

Second, see to it that you generate buzz for your event. After all, you can hardly expect to receive any bids if people know nothing about your auction or fundraiser in the first place! Social networking sites like Facebook are excellent channels to promote your auction, especially if you’re holding it through an auction website like eBay Giving Works. It’s even better if your auction is tied up with a specific theme (like Veterans’ Day) or familiar names (like a local charity) that bidders can relate to.

Third, you need to choose ‘basket items’ with care since their presentation is just as important as the assortment of goodies they contain. For example, if you’re offering a bag of holiday decorations as a single item, then make sure all the trimmings have a more or less consistent look in keeping with the occasion. A little creativity on your part can certainly go a long way.

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