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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

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Many who initially used Twitter to keep in touch with friends and family may not have envisioned that the site would have evolved from a simple social outlet into a massively effective business tool. Professionals of every kind now use the social networking site, nonprofit organizations and corporate leaders included. The nonprofit sector, in particular, has been very active on Twitter, given the opportunities it presents in terms of audience building, marketing, and fundraising.

If your nonprofit is new on Twitter, you might be tempted to simply tweet a call to action every day. As ideal as this may sound, this is the wrong way to go about your Twitter use. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips that can help you use the social media site more effectively.

Be professional

Choose a catchy and professional-sounding Twitter handle or username. Upload your nonprofit’s logo or a decent photo of yourself to serve as your account’s profile picture. Set up your profile so that it’s easy for people to understand your org’s cause. Make it clear if you are tweeting for your organization or for yourself.

The power of retweeting

Sharing and promoting content is what social media is all about. The trick is to not make your Twitter page all about you. People who can only talk about themselves tend to tick many people off, and the same can be said about organizations.

The more you use Twitter, the more you’ll find these tips useful. Happy tweeting!

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