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Monday, August 18, 2014

Irresistible Auction Items

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With online charity auctions, you can put virtually anything up for sale and use the proceeds to support your chosen charity. However, some things do tend to sell better than others.

Without a definite sell, you won't be able to help the charity of your choice as much as you thought you could. If you're dead set on helping charities via this route, it's best to know about the items that tend to sell really well. The item doesn't necessarily have to be in high demand, although that does increase the item's chances of being bought. Joanne Davidson of the Denver Post lists two of the biggest charity auction hits:

Believe us when we tell you to sell your old smartphone or laptop for charity. As each generation grows more tech-savvy, so will demand for years-old gadgets. In fact, we've been mentioned in several lists of the best places to sell electronics in support of a good cause. On top of that, you can prevent landfills from swelling in size due to discarded electronics.

Travel Packages

Won a trip to Europe but don't have the time to enjoy it? Why not auction that travel package before the deal expires? If you can't enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to a fabulous destination in the near future, then find someone else who can and make a difference for a charity at the same time.

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eBay's team got to work building a fundraising program that could unleash the widespread generosity of its broad online community.


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