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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tips in Choosing a Charity

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It appears that people are becoming more generous every year. Statistics show that Americans gave about $335.17 billion to charities, foundations, and other nonprofit groups in 2013, which is a 4.4 percent improvement over 2011’s numbers. If you’re interested in supporting a particular cause, choosing eBay Giving Works as your intermediary can yield even better results.
Through our auctions, you can rest easy knowing that the money you donate to charity is guaranteed to reach the right people. If you have problems deciding which nonprofit to support, though, consider some of these tips:
First, do a little soul-searching and become clear on your beliefs and advocacies. Do you care about the environment more than economic development? Have you lost a loved one from a rare, presently-incurable disease? There are plenty of groups who truly believe in these causes and could certainly use your support.
Second, be absolutely sure that the nonprofit in question is legitimate. Visit their website or check with your local business agencies to see if the charities or foundations you’re about to donate to are indeed what they say they are.

Lastly, review the non-profit’s programs, goals, and achievements so that you’ll know how you can help them in the future. If they’ve hosted fundraising marathons before, you can help further by participating in the next run. 

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