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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finding a Charity to Work With

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We have been taught as children to give and share whenever we can. If you have things that are of little value to you but can be cherished by someone else, you can do much good by donating or selling them to benefit a charity of your choice. However, if you don’t have a charitable org in mind just yet, choosing one from a huge heap of nonprofits can be very challenging. To make sure you donate to a group that fits you perfectly, here are some useful tips:

Go with what you know

Donors often choose a charity based on familiarity or past experiences. If you already know the organization and how they work, you’ll have some degree of confidence that your donation will be put to good use.

Confirm the charity’s legitimacy

Check with your local charities bureau or the attorney general of your state. These agencies are the ones responsible for monitoring the nonprofits that work within the state, so they can be a great source of information that you need. Likewise, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) maintains all registered charity organizations.


Giving your time to support your favorite organization is a great way to learn about the group before you make a donation. Hands-on experience will inform you how effectively the group handles its mission.

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