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Monday, October 6, 2014

Tips for a Successful Auction

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The success of any charity auction, whether online or at a live venue, depends on the number of items sold and the amount of money raised at its conclusion. Closing multiple sales at large bids is easier said than done, though, as it requires ample preparation and planning. We at eBay Giving Works are happy to shoulder most of the work, but you must also do your part to make your auction a success.

You can start by launching a marketing campaign before and during your auction. Regardless if you use email, Facebook, or any other channel, see to it that you tease potential bidders with high-quality pictures of the items you’re about to auction off. That way, people can make their own preparations and decide on what they want to buy without stressing themselves out on the day of the auction itself.

However, you must also be careful about what kind of information you impart. The retail value of each item, for instance, should never be indicated if you don’t want bids to stop at that figure.

You should also give extra thought to the items you choose to sell. While celebrity memorabilia tend to sell well, it wouldn’t hurt to diversify your catalogue so you can offer something for everyone. Gadgets, beauty products, and promos typically attract high bids.

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